Our School Code of Behaviour

The School Code of behaviour is based on the need to protect majority rights and to ensure the creation and maintenance of an atmosphere where effective teaching and learning takes place. On enrolment to St. Catherine’s Vocational School, all Students and their parents/guardians are required to sign up to all school policies.

St. Catherine’s Vocational School will endeavour to be:

A Learning Community All pupils will have the right to learn in an atmosphere of mutual respect. No pupil will be deprived of this right by the actions of others.

A Safe Environment This school will provide a safe environment for all pupils, free from fear, bullying and all other anti-Social activities.

A Health Promoting School St. Catherine’s Vocational School endeavours to provide a healthy environment for all pupils. It encourages full participation in healthy activities and strictly forbids the use of all types of substances – cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, solvents etc. The school canteen provides healthy meals three times a day.

A Pollution Free Environment The school is committed to provide a litter-free environment through the cooperation of the whole school community.

Regulations: Behaviour All pupils will be expected to show:

Respect for all fellow pupils

Respect for all staff members

Respect for visitors to the school

Respect for school property

Respect for the property of fellow students And to use respectful language at all times

Dress Code

Full School uniform must be worn during school hours and on all school related activities. The school reserves the right to specify what jewellery and accessories are acceptable.


o Pupils must attend school everyday and be on time for class.

Lateness and absences must be explained by Parent/Guardian in writing. Pupils will not be permitted to leave school during school hours without special permission from Principal or Deputy Principal.



All homework given must be completed to a satisfactory standard. Pupils must have all necessary books and equipment for all classes.

Safety, Health and Hygiene

Smoking is not allowed within School grounds or school environment Chewing gum is forbidden inside school and within school grounds

  • Chewing in class is forbidden All bags are to be stored safely during break times. The use of mobile phones or other electronic devices (e.g. ipods) of any kind is not allowed in the school or on school grounds.


  • A school levy is required each year to cover:

School book rental/ Locker rental / School activities insurance/ Photocopying/ Student Journal

  • Mock Exam Papers (3rd & 5th Year students)