Senior Cycle


Geography is a varied study of the physical world, the human race and the interaction between both.

Senior Cycle

A study of geography will allow a student to develop an understanding of their surroundings and this will assist them to make informed judgements about issues at a local, national and international level. A student of the subject will have the opportunity to fine tune the skills of information gathering, statistical interpretation, presentation and communication as well as being able to evaluate and suggest realistic solutions to problems relating to the environmental and social world we live in.

Geography at Senior Cycle can be studied at Ordinary or Higher level and students will study common core units of Physical Geography, Regional Geography and Fieldwork (The Geographical Investigation).

Students will also study the Human Elective at both Higher and Ordinary level. In this section, they will study Patterns and Processes in the Human Environment.

Higher Level students will undertake the Optional Unit of Culture and Identity.

Geography is a varied study of our surroundings and of the differences how we as humans interact with this environment. It can hold the key to assist unlocking many of the answers we have regarding the world we live in.


The final exam is two hours and fifty minutes long.
A fieldwork project is completed during school time and this is worth 20% of the overall mark.

Ordinary Level

  • 10 Short Questions( 100m)
  • 3 Long questions (3 x 100m)
    (Physical Processes, Regional, Elective)

Higher Level

  • 10 Short Questions (80m)
  • 4 Long questions(4 x 80m)
    (Physical Processes, Regional, Elective and Option)