Junior Cycle


New Junior cycle

Underpinning the new junior cycle are a set of principles, key skills and statements of learning. These will ensure that your child receives a rich educational experience that has both breadth and depth. Your child will have access to a varied curriculum of knowledge, understandings, skills and values.

The most significant change in the new Junior Cycle is in the area of assessment. A dual approach to assessment, involving classroom-based assessment (CBA’s) across the three years and a final externally-assessed, state-certified examination can enable the appropriate balance between preparing students for examinations and facilitating creative thinking, engaged learning and better outcomes for students. CBA’s will be undertaken during class time and students will complete one CBA in second year and one in third year.

Junior cycle subjects

 Irish, English, Mathematics, Science, Wellbeing (PE, SPHE, CSPE) – mandatory subjects

Art, Music, Home Economics, French, History, Geography, Business Studies, Metalwork, Materials Technology, Technical Graphics, Religious Education.

Leaftlet for Parents Explaining New Junior Cycle