Guidance & Counselling

Guidance Counsellor Ms. Nicola Sharkey

Guidance is provided within St. Catherine’s in the following three domains:

  • Educational
  • Vocational (Careers)
  • Personal Guidance

Collectively the three components empowers our students to explore and discover their talents, abilities, skills, interests and ambitions. This guides the student to make informed, assertive, confident and educated decisions to progress to the world of work and to grow within themselves and in a career driven world.

Personal Guidance & Counselling

St. Catherine’s is very fortunate to have a passionate Student Support Team who strive to support students in need of personal affirmation and aid any student who feels vulnerable or needs confidence affirmation during their time in St. Catherine’s.

The personal well-being of each student is central to our mission statement. Individual counselling by means of 1:1 meetings between the student and a member of the student Support Team plays an important role in the personal, emotional and academic development of each student throughout their six years in post-primary school.

Student Support Team members

Ms. Anne Marie Luby- Principal
Mr. Cathal Camplbell- Deputy Principal
Ms. Kathleen Keeney -Student Welfare Officer
Ms. Ann Bowden -SPHE Co-Ordinator
Ms. Bridie McHugh- SEN Co-Ordinator
Mr. Martin Gallen- NEPS Psychologist
Ms. Nicola Sharkey- Guidance Counsellor

Ongoing 1:1 Counselling & Support

Our Team provides ongoing 1:1 counselling and support to each and every student in our school community, as well as parental contact and support. We also arrange ongoing pastoral workshops & talks from outside agencies, organise Wellbeing activity days and we are an ambassador school for Cycle Against Suicide. Our SPHE programme is devised with our teachers to enhance student awareness and knowledge in personal self awareness and assertiveness.


List of Support Websites to Gain Further Information

Mental Health Support

Spunout is an Irish website full of blogs, videos and an Ask The Expert service that is encouraging young people to learn more about their mental wellbeing and empower them to take steps towards good mental health.

A Lust for Life: is a collection of insightful articles that might help you better understand the problems that you are facing, and help you realise that you are living in a world full of people who can relate to what you are going through.

See Change–  is an alliance of organisations working together through the National Stigma Reduction Partnership to bring about positive change in public attitudes and behaviour towards people with mental health problems.

Mentalhealth-support is an organisation created to help families, care givers and those suffering and affected by psychosis.


AI-Anon/Alateen  Alateen is for young people, aged twelve to twenty, who are affected by a problem drinker.

Alcoholics Anonymous
Phone: 01 842 0700
Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. 

Drugs Awareness Programme
Helpline: 1800 459 459
Providing information, support and counselling in relation to drugs, substance misuse or addiction.

Gender Issues & Pregnancy

BeLonG To
PHONE: 01-873 4184
Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) young people.

Sexual Health and Pregnancy
Sexual Wellbeing

Helpline: 1850 622 626
Offers support and help to those who are faced with a crisis pregnancy.

Educational Guidance

Educational Guidance is offered through all subjects and in conjunction with our SPHE Programme. This can be offered on a one-to-one and within class content resources. Here is an example of some of the main aspects of educational guidance:

Study Skills:                           

How to study Successfully:

Study Tips for Dyslexia Students:

Study Guide for Parents:

 Academic Mentoring:

 1:1 academic mentoring for 6th Year students and 3rd Year students. This program allows teachers to support students during their exam year. Advising students on subject levels, study skills techniques, exam preparation, vocational advice, subject choice, as well as supporting the student mentally through the year. 

 Guidelines for Academic Mentoring:

 Vocational Guidance

Vocational Guidance is offered on a weekly basis and on a one-to-one to students mainly in Senior Cycle and those preparing to enter Senior Cycle. This subject links closely with the LCVP Programme in preparing CV’s, Career Investigations and Work Experience, as well as students who complete the Transition Year Program who are well equipped to make informed Subject Choice Decisions.. Career Guidance prepares students for the world of work and prepares students to progress to further education in the form of an Apprenticeship, PLC, CAO, UCAS, EUNICAS, Defence Force, Teagasc, BIM etc…

Students complete CV’s, Career Investigations, Work Experience, Aptitude Tests, attend Open Days, Careers Fairs, College Sampling Days, Summer Schools, participate in workshops on college preparation and research possible progression routes after senior cycle and the Leaving Certificate

Careers Events Calendar:

Click on the link below to see up to date career info:

Here is an example of useful websites for the following categories: to Date Careers Information & Researching Options– Researching options– Irish Universities & IT Entry– Studying & Applying to Northern Ireland/Scotland/England/Wales Courses Levels 1-10 Careers Testing– New DES Grading System & CAO Points Grant– Student Finance Options– HEAR/DARE Abroad in Europe Tests Careersportal Testing College Website Galway College Website ETB Siochana Forces Argicultural College Fishing Training College