Senior Cycle


What is LCVP?


  • It is an enhanced Leaving Certificate that develops students skills
  • LCVP students must take a minimum of 5 Leaving Cert subjects (at higher, ordinary or foundation level) including Irish
  • Students are required to follow a recognised course in a modern European Language
  • They must study the 2 Link Modules to provide a vocational focus
    (a) Enterprise Education
    (b) Preparation for the World of Work

Aims of the Programme


  • Realise the vocational potential of their Leaving Cert subjects
  • Become self-confident, innovative and resourceful
  • Acquire attitudes and skills appropriate to adult life, their vocational subject grouping and / or personal aspirations
  • Interact effectively with and learn from adults in the community
  • Utilise local business and community enterprise as learning resources
  • Draw together knowledge, skills and expertise from a variety of sources to accomplish set goals.

Timetabled for 2 x 40 min class periods in 5th & 6th Year

Weighting of LCVP


60% Portfolio Submission 

Bounded & usually submitted early March

40% Written Exam Early May– 1st Wednesday
60% Portfolio

Assembled over two years of the


Programme Content:
Section 1: Core Items:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Career Investigation
  • Summary Report
  • Enterprise/Action Plan

Section 2: Optional Items: (two out of four)

  • Diary of Work Experience
  • Enterprise Report
  • Recorded Interview/Presentation
  • Report on ‘My Own Place’


40% Written Exam



Two and a half hours 


Section A: Audio-visual presentation 

Section B: Case Study (received in advance by students- Mid- March) 

Section C: General Questions (four out of six)


Grading & CAO Points

Grade CAO
Points Equivalent 
Distinction 80-100% 66 H4
Merit 65-79% 46 H6/O2
Pass 50-64% 28 O4
Unsuccessful <50% 0 0



Final Word


  • Improves Digital Literacy – each item is typed
  • Prepares students for handing in third level assignments
  • Prepares students for the world of work
  • Interview skills – Mock Interview
  • Builds confidence in young people to seek part-time job
  • Time Management and organisation skills improved
  • Creates a CV
  • Explores a career of choice
  • Business/Enterprise knowledge
  • Helps prepare students for apprenticeships
  • Organise an event e.g. Sports Day/Bake Sale/Quiz for a charity